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High-temperature refractory bonding glue to become the best material
The author:admin  Source:本站  Time:2013-12-24 12:49:56

    In the chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical production, due to the high ambient temperatures, often sour, subtract, salt and other corrosive media, thus requiring materials with good high temperature corrosion resistance. Since the thermal conductivity of the graphite material can reach 110 ~ 130w / (m? K), is three times the carbon steel, stainless steel 6 equipment, other non-metal is several hundred times. It is both corrosion-resistant, have a high thermal conductivity non-metallic refractory material, the graphite was used as a structural material resistant to corrosion, thermal conductivity has been widely used, types of equipment made of graphite is more, the industrial demand is relatively large.

   Performance graphite equipment so good, graphite equipment production has become a key. Conventional graphite devices are fabricated by using graphite as raw materials for the adhesive mix asphalt processing. But because the asphalt is an organic material, not high temperature, intolerant aging, resulting in a limited time graphite equipment.

    Appears ZS-1071 high-temperature inorganic binder now, changing the method of bonding graphite equipment. As the temperature of the inorganic binder is an inorganic material, the temperature can reach 1800 ℃, high bond strength, high hardness, high temperature aging, acid and alkali and other outstanding features. After high temperature adhesive after mixing thoroughly, add the graphite powder in high temperature adhesives, curing can be. Such a production method than the traditional method of graphite equipment advantages are: 1, graphite equipment higher temperature; 2, to improve graphite equipment acid and alkali resistance; 3, the hardness of the graphite equipment can improve three-fold increase impact graphite equipment sex; 4, graphite equipment to produce more simple.


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