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        The Sino-foreign joint venture Nantong shanjian graphite equipment co., ltd. ( Nantong graphite equipment design and research institute ) was established in 1989. it specializes in the design and manufacture of graphite-based chemical equipment. it is a close entity with the Nantong graphite equipment design and research institute established in 1993. it has comprehensive capabilities in research, development, design, manufacture, anti-corrosion construction, service, system and engineering design. it is a high-tech enterprise.

Supported by more than 30 patented technologies, it has reached a high level in three-in-one furnaces, two-in-one furnaces for steam and graphite by - products, HCl graphite synthesis furnaces, graphite towers of 0.5 - 0.6 MPa, graphite heaters of 1.0 - 1.8 MPa, 230 - 320 ℃ and improving corrosion resistance of graphite equipment. Special qualifications and achievements such as:
( 1 ) in 1993, it was appraised as the first batch of designated production and supply units of graphite equipment by chemical equipment corporation and corrosion prevention association.
( 2 ) in October 1997, the enterprise's " graphite heat exchanger, HCl and hydrochloric acid synthesis furnace" was awarded the first batch of " chemical anti-corrosion product recommendation certificate" by the former Ministry of chemical industry. the Ministry only recommended two in China's graphite equipment industry, and the other one: Nantong Sigri company only recommended " yk a type graphite heat exchanger".
( 3 ) yksl three-in-one furnace has successively won the " 1986 - 1996 ten-year anti-corrosion achievement and technology progress award" ( 111 awards nationwide ), " 1997 - 2001 national anti-corrosion science and technology progress award" and " 2001 - 2003 China anti-corrosion technology association science and technology progress award" and was recognized by China chlor-alkali industry association as " certain performance ... at international level" in 2003. on January 5, 2006, China chemical industry newspaper confirmed " reaching international level" and has been exported several times.
( 4 ) the two-in-one boiler designed and manufactured by-product steam graphite was successfully ignited once in Shandong binhua group in October 2002. the by-product steam is stable, the pressure is 0.3 ~ 0.5 MPa, and the height of its synthesis drum is only 4.5 meters. China chlor-alkali industry association confirmed as " the first gas producer synthetic furnace" made in China. In the autumn of 2008, five by-product hot water two-in-one boilers in binhua have realized automatic ignition, DCS automatic control and on-site unmanned operation. The first gas production synthesis furnace ". In the autumn of 2008, five by-product hot water two-in-one boilers in binhua have realized automatic ignition, DCS automatic control and on-site unmanned operation.
( 5 ) the graphite heat exchanger set up and manufactured has a service pressure of 1.8 MPa; 125 m284 units and 95 m224 units have been used for heating at 250 ~ 270 ℃ for a long time under 1.5 MPa superheated steam, and have been used normally under 315 ℃ superheated steam. 315 ℃ superheated steam used normally.
( 6 ) since 1999, the first non-lined graphite towers with pn 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa, dn 400 ~ 1600 and h10 ~ 17m have been set up and manufactured in China. most of them have not been repaired for many years after being put into service ( with maintenance only replacing gaskets ). among them, pn 0.6, t350 ℃, pn 0.6 and dn 1400 towers have been exported to India.
( 7 ) the HCl synthesis furnace designed and manufactured by the two patents can stabilize 82t / dhcl ( 100 % ) in the furnace tube with an average inner diameter of Φ 1168 mm and h10m. it has been used for 28 months with little maintenance and is domestic furnace. At present, the patented technology of fin graphite furnace tube is also developed.
( 8 ) 12 patents have been granted in respect of graphite equipment and 3 are being applied for.
( 9 ) Yao Jian, chairman of the board of directors of the company, has been a member of the technical Committee since the establishment of the China chemical anti-corrosion technology association in 1986. he is the deputy director of the industry association, the deputy head of the preparation group of regulations and standards for graphite pressure vessels, the deputy director of the professional Committee for non-metallic pressure vessels, and the master of Chinese anti - corrosion, " outstanding figure of the national anti-corrosion industry enterprise in 2008".
( 10 ) special equipment ( a4 grade graphite pressure vessel ) manufacturing license ( ts 2210328 - 2010 ) was approved on April 15, 2006 and " special equipment ( a4 grade graphite pressure vessel ) design license" ( No. ts 1210297 - 2010 ) was approved in August 2006.
( 11 ) iso 9001 - 2008 international certification certificate registration number 00109 q 25797 r0 m / 3600, which has been a credit-bearing enterprise with respect to contracts and AAA credit rating over the years.
( 12 ) two oo was awarded " Jiangsu province high-tech enterprise" in seven years
( 132 oo was named " China's top 100 small and medium-sized scientific and technological innovation enterprises" in 2008

( 14 ) in April 2009, it was also named " national anti-corrosion industry science and technology innovation enterprise" and round graphite heat exchanger was named " national anti-corrosion high-quality product"

( 15 ) 2013 and 2016 were recognized as " high-tech enterprises".

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