YKD type round pieces hole vertical graphite heat exchanger
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[structure and characteristics]
    Six arrises brand YKD type round pieces holes for the vertical graphite heat exchanger relatively advanced, performance is superior a graphite heat exchanger. The cylinder block made by heat standard unit block, has high structure strength, in structure does not use the cementing agent and use teflon o-rings seal medium, adding pressure spring for heat bilges cold shrink automatic compensation agencies, adopt a short passage, increase redistribution room to improve turbulence effects etc, makes this heat exchanger structure with high strength, anti-scar compression performance is strong, impact resistant performance is good, heat transfer efficiency, long service life and to facilitate maintenance characteristic. Upper and lower sealing head slightly changes can made evaporator.
    [technical characteristics]
Design temperature: as heater: - 20 ~ could increase to 400 ° C (paid use ° C) 320
Design pressure: atmospheric ~ 0.4 MPa (or according to users need to design, manufacture ~ 2.4 MPa pressure of this type of product, paid use of 1.8 MPa)
Heat-exchange area: 2 ~ 500 square meters (for this type of 500-700m2 products)
Execution standard: (according to HG5-1321-80 manufacturing) (the standard by our institute drafting), consult employed by HG/T3113-1998 "YKA type round pieces hole type graphite heat exchanger"
    This series product can be used as heater, cooler, condenser. For condenser -though need to add a gas-liquid separator.
    [equipment advantages]
    Besides having YKA series outside the advantage, still have the following features:
    1) graphite heat transfer block no center hole, the other side by side straight-through sealants, material hole is full of heat transfer block, increasing material utilization,
    2) graphite block only invading.this lap, and YKA series with the sealing surface inside two laps seal face prone to seal failure, greatly facilitate processing, maintenance,
    3) the same heat-exchange area of equipment YKA small volume ratio, the equipment is more compact,
    4) can produce larger specifications equipment.
    5) can design for flow, the vertical and horizontal state use.
    YKD type a gas-liquid separator structure and size

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